Heaven, Hell, Festival.

There’s an old story that describes Heaven and Hell.

In Hell, there are long ornate tables topped with giant plates of freshly cooked food, as much as you can eat, with giant golden forks and spoons. The people attempt to eat with those huge utensils but they can’t ever get the food in their mouths.

In Heaven, there are the same tables, the same food, the same golden utensils. And the people are eating with celebration and joy: because they’re feeding each other.

I think we see glimpses of this everyday, right now, because Hell is isolation and Heaven is meant to be shared. And I think they’re not too far apart, because God did make all things for good, but it’s our decision to use them for good or for evil. It is the orientation of our heart towards God and His grace that bring us closer together: for the closer we are to an infinitely loving God, the less selfish we become.

I hope we will choose to get in that fun messy festive life of feeding each other.

— J