Seek Rebuke, Pursue Truth.


We all need rebuke sometimes.

Men, women, children: everyone needs to get rebuked once in a while. We need to hear the hard truth because no one gets it right all the time, and that’s really okay. It’s not the end of the world to say you’re wrong.  You can quit pressuring yourself into putting off a better holographic image than you really are.  You can’t sustain that sort of tyranny over yourself for very long.

“I’m wrong,and I’m sorry.” It’s not so hard.  It’s the first step to healing.  It cuts our illusion of perfection.  It says that weakness doesn’t mean we’re weak.

It’s not okay to cry your way out of this.  It’s not okay to put up a mirror-defense by yelling “What-about-you.”  If you get offended or take it personally or defend yourself, that’s fine: but it doesn’t absolve the truth you heard.  If your friend is really your friend, it hurts them more to tell the truth than it hurts you.  They get no benefit from this; they’re risking your friendship to be real.

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