Question: How Can I Trust You?

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How come you don’t cite bible verses? I could easily believe you’re a farse

You’re absolutely right.  I could easily believe I’m false too.

So here’s what we do.  Don’t trust me, because I will let you down.  Please don’t take anything I say at face value.  Please don’t let me spoon-feed you. Please use heavy discernment in anything I’ve written, and that goes for every book and blog you read.  Please disagree with me.  Do not have a soft ear.  Go seek in Scripture to make sure that everything I’m saying is lining up with God’s wisdom, like the Bereans did.  Don’t trust any flashy, snarky, witty, articulate blogger with all the likes and reblogs (and especially not if they’re after your money).

Please go into deep reflection, meditation, and prayer by the guidance of God’s Spirit and His Word to arrive at your own conviction.  Don’t be a jerk about those convictions.  Double-check with wise mentors and your pastor and thousands of years of church history to see what they say.  Check other interpretations and ask around. But don’t trust them completely either.  Trust Him alone.

The thing is: Even if I referenced a billion Bible verses in everything I wrote, that doesn’t make me more truthful.  Text-proofing has led to some horrible atrocities.  Like Francis Chan said: “You can justify just about anything with this book …You’ll find some verse and twist it even though that’s not the natural reading of the Scriptures … We don’t really want to do what this book says. We want to use it to justify what we want.”

Let’s take this a step further.

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