The Futility of Dichotomous Debating: I Can Yell Louder Than Your Internet

When it comes to issues with two-sides and there’s a heated investment in “who wins” — the comments section of the internet is like an asylum of nine year olds in the playground with free rein to sickles and sledgehammers.  It’s not pretty.  You have a first-row seat to the basest underbelly of the reptilian keyboard-caveman Google-expert.

I’m on the fence with a lot of these issues, mainly because 1) I don’t think they matter nearly as much as the volume of the yelling, and 2) we very quickly elevate the issues over people and we destroy bystanders with all the childish anger.

I was looking for honest research and informed opinions about the Evolution Vs. Creationism debate.  I really did want to know the intricate details of both sides here to form my own paradigm.  I believe that faith and science are not at a dichotomous opposition, and that evolution doesn’t automatically have to be a weaponized agenda against Christianity, nor vice versa.

But the insane carnival fervor behind the debates (between two people who only marginally had a handle on the research) and all the flailing internet bullies made this quest downright impossible.  I was left closing my browser with a mild headache and a vague sickness in my stomach about the human race.  No one could speak about this with any sort of calm demeanor.  It was entirely nauseating rage, a black-and-white “you’re in or you’re out” attitude that was simply barbaric.

If I had actually asked an innocuous question on any of these websites — I’m sure I would’ve gotten a billion downvotes and condescending barbs shoved in my throat.  But what about the person who really wants to learn?  Isn’t there anyone who can objectively, unemotionally, thoughtfully sit me down in my ignorance and explain what they know? Isn’t there some safe corner of America where I don’t have to feel intimidated by shouts of “It’s so obvious” and “This is the 21st century” and “The Bible says so” … ?

I really find the evolutionist too smug and the creationist too insecure.  I don’t trust myself with either of them.

I damn sure have never had a single rational nuanced conversation about these things.  Ever.  Every discussion about homosexuality, abortion, gun control, and politics devolves into a kindergarten slap fight.  We’ve attached so many immature emotions to these issues that it hasn’t been about the issues in a long, long time.

So I’m out on that.  And I think when we’re honest with ourselves: no one is as fascinated with this as they make it seem.  No one actually cares about the actual issue: they care about their platforms, and they’ll leverage this to feel powerful at the expense of real issues.  I don’t mean to be one more guy who says “Kids are starving to death and you’re debating first-world stuff” — but you know, kids are really starving to death and we have first-world privilege to debate this stuff.

Whether you believe in him or not: the devil is really laughing his ass off on this one.  Whether you believe in God or not: I hope you know He made us to be way better than this.

— J

18 thoughts on “The Futility of Dichotomous Debating: I Can Yell Louder Than Your Internet

  1. It is sad that there is little helpful dialogue about some issues. I’m fairly new to the ‘blogsphere’ but it seems to be a bit better. Perhaps because people control their own blogs, and the comments they allow.
    I spent way too much time on Christian forums. It was really a bit waste of time – mostly because of the issues you present. People just wanted a platform.
    I’ve thought about why they don’t more to a blog but I suspect it is because no one would follow what they have to say. I suspect that building their own platform is way too much work!


    1. Yes. While the blog-world still has the drive-by haters, it’s much less binary than internet forums and comment sections. Still, my expectations have been way tempered to expect the worst.


  2. We live in a time when words are viewed as instruments of power rather than vehicles in the search for truth. But then, maybe that’s the fundamental shape of the human heart east of Eden.


  3. As a teenager I read and studied the science of our origins. a couple of years I tried to get updated and found no facts, only contempt. I did finally go looking and found Lee Strobel “Case for a Creator” satisfied much of my curiosity, though it strained my brain. Christians forget that truth is not found in facts, opinion or belligerent presentation, but in the Person Jesus (John 14:6). Old news, but Good News.


  4. Isn’t there some safe corner of America where I don’t have to feel intimidated by shouts of “It’s so obvious” and “This is the 21st century” and “The Bible says so” … ?

    There probably is, but it’s certainly not on the internet 🙂


  5. There is so much to quote here, JS – “kindergarten slap fest” is one of the best. And yes, our Creator made us for so much more than this. We forget about His message. We cover it up with overcoats of our own agendas so the gospel can’t be seen even by those with 20/20 vision. Sad, really, we’ve forgotten Jesus’ admonishment to Peter: “Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.” A sword of words is just as cutting as a sword of steel.


  6. “…the basest underbelly of the reptilian keyboard-caveman Google-expert.”

    I always wondered who engaged in these comments. Thanks for clearing that up for me. 😉


    1. Yes, I’m still learning as we all are. I’ve learned to give it a day or so before responding with impulse. That helps with the impulse too. That’s all Romans 12 ..!


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