Quote: Change Me

“People are always saying it’s the other person’s fault, the other one who needs to change. That is why I believe no amount of counseling will have an impact until God’s people resolve something. We all have to make this our sincere, daily prayer: ‘O God, change me.’ We spend far too much time praying, ‘God, change my circumstances; change my coworkers; change my family situation; change the conditions in my life.’ Yet we seldom pray this most important prayer: ‘Change me, Lord. The real trouble isn’t my spouse, my sibling, my friend. I’m the one who stands in need of prayer.’”

— David Wilkerson

2 thoughts on “Quote: Change Me

  1. This is truth, totally. This past 2years of my marriage has been so very tough. I really wanted us to go to counselling and I felt angry when this was vetoed by my husband.
    But As I prayed my prayers of ” change him, get me out, help, help” , God began to speak to me about change in my own heart, my thought life, destructive habits, insecurities etc that I’ve carried from childhood.

    I’m still walking through this change and it’s not easy taking a good hard look at ones self but, when it’s done with the assurance of God’s continuing love behind it, it’s possible to go on.

    I’m walking this path now of looking for change in me. Gos will move in my husband sometime but, for the meantime, I need to focus on what God wants to change in me and it means freedom for me.

    Thanks JS, a great quote there.


    1. Thanks for sharing so honestly. I keep remembering Matthew 7 and Galatians 6, which tells us to check ourselves as we interact with others. The tendency is to always focus outward when we blame, but focus inward for gain. It’s hard to change those, but God can, does, and will. I’ll throw you a prayer too.


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