Over The Drama, Under A Mission

Hello beloved wonderful friends!

This is the fifth part of a sermon series called “Why You Christian?”  It explores the question of why anyone would ever want to be a Christian.

This message is titled: Over The Drama, Under A Mission.

It’s about looking above all the petty conflicts and everyday drama to a bigger purpose, and how we were made for way more.

Stream here or download here!


Some things I talk about are: That time I overheard a woman catching her boyfriend with another woman (and I giggled like crazy), when soldiers in battle care more about the Kardashians than their commander, how the first Christians had to fight lions and horses, the futility of trying to hook up my cheap beat-up Toyota Corolla, and how a men’s cologne tells me about the God-given purpose of our existence.

Be blessed and love y’all!

— J

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