Purity Is Not The Most Important Thing In A Relationship

littlestein asked:

You said something in an earlier response about not making purity THE thing (or something along those lines) because that can lead to problems. Can you expand on that? How having purity being a huge goal rather than knowing God being the goal can cause issues?

Hey my friend, I believe you’re referring to several posts on this:

– Purity Is Not A Trophy

– How To Stop Lust (Lust Is NOT The Problem: It’s Us)

– The Weird Subculture of “Christian Dating”

I definitely believe that purity is an important virtue, but it can’t be the only virtue in a relationship, because —

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Quote: Vividly

“God loves the weak. He oftentimes saves and uses the weak to shame the strong. See, God loves weakness. In our culture, we hate it. That’s a huge problem. Do you understand? It’s a huge problem for us to despise weakness like we do. We don’t want to be seen as weak. No, brother, be seen as weak. God’s power flows most vividly and most powerfully through the weak vessels.”

— Matt Chandler