The Perfectly Balanced Love That Does Not Compromise Truth

Hello beloved wonderful friends!

This is the fourth part of new sermon series called “Why You Christian?”  It explores the question of why anyone would ever want to be a Christian.

This message is titled: The Perfectly Balanced Love That Does Not Compromise Truth.

It’s about how we approach others of different beliefs and lifestyles, and how we can love them like Jesus without holding back on truth.

Stream here or download here!

Some things I talk about are: The injection that “cures gay people,” the constant tug of war between being gracious and being truthful, the outrage at your friend who is being used by a friend but can’t see it, having the cool relaxed mom and the strict scary dad, dealing with a friend who’s obsessed with crazy pseudo-romantic longings, the red-faced preachers who hate homosexuals, how Jesus perfectly balanced love without compromise, and a phone call with my gay friend.

Be blessed and love y’all!

— J


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