Recommended Sermon Podcasts

In case you were interested, the sermon podcasts I’ve been listening to lately and why.

As always, please listen and watch with discernment.  And if you’re a sermon junkie like me, please practice good boundaries.

– Francis Chan.  He’s been preaching recently at Reality Church in California.  He’s still by far my favorite preacher of all time.  I get scared to listen to him because I know afterward I’ll have to repent and change something: which is a good thing.  One of his more recent sermons has one of the best illustrations I’ve ever seen.

– Timothy Keller.  Highly intellectual and he reaches soaring heights about the beauty of the Gospel.  My favorite by him is still the one on the Red Sea.

– Andy Stanley. I know most people consider him “Lite Churchianity,” but he has such clear practical wisdom that it’ll clear the cobwebs quickly.  His current series is a great gut check.

– Matt Chandler.  At times he is so abrasive I can hardly stand his voice, but other times I praise God for his clarity, boldness, and honesty.  His series Recovering Redemption is a punch in the heart.

– Mark Driscoll.  There are a million opinions about Pastor Mark, but I can tell he loves Jesus and he’s often like a shot of spiritual espresso.  For a very human look at his struggles, check out his documentary.

– Louie Giglio.  All I can say is: totally gracious.  Pastor Louie gets you closer to God every single time.

– Ravi Zacharias.  He’s one of the first preachers I’ve ever heard when I first became a Christian, and he remains a strong voice in my spiritual foundation.  Artsy, humorous, intellectual, and relatable.

If you have any recommendations, please feel free to share.

Be blessed ..!

— J


3 thoughts on “Recommended Sermon Podcasts

  1. i am loving tullian tchividjian – either at cross point pres. church or the liberate podcast – impressive series and great theology!

    of course i love most of those on your list too!


  2. I definitely agree with the whole being scared to listen to Francis Chan because you’ll probably ending end up repenting after! 🙂 I love how straightforward and authentic he is. And Ravi Zacharias is coming to my church for a conference this year, I can’t wait to hear him speak not just through podcasts, but live! Thanks for sharing your list!


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