Quote: Describe

“Describe the God you’ve rejected. Describe the God you don’t believe in. Maybe I don’t believe in that God either.”

— Timothy Keller

8 thoughts on “Quote: Describe

    1. Whoa there. I am honestly very surprised you’d make a comment like this. I’m fairly certain Pastor Tim loves Jesus, and he is known to regularly serve with proponents of NPP (such as NT Wright), Pentecostal theology, Wesleyans, and other Christian persuasions. No one theology has the monopoly on who God is. The second our doctrinal framework tells us we have the “insider knowledge” on God, we are excluding other people who love Jesus. It seems you are essentially calling Pastor Tim a heretic, which is a serious accusation. I know I am probably jumping too quick here and I have no authority to call you out. I’m just a bit taken aback when anyone’s Christian stance compels them to push others out instead of welcoming them in. Disagreement shouldn’t be division.


      1. Relax, J.S. 🙂 I’m not calling anyone a heretic. The quote above says to describe the God I don’t believe in, and unfortunately, that’s the Evangelical Christian God. Remember, I sat under Tim Keller’s teaching for about 5 years (first in church then in Seminary). I consider Tim a dear friend of mine and have no beef with his faith or love for Jesus. I would NEVER dream of even thinking he is a heretic!!

        I just decided a few years ago that the God presented by Evangelicals (and especially the Calvinists, Tim included) was not the one I believed in anymore. That’s all.

        And believe me, I’m the one being denounced as a heretic. My comment did not say that anyone who believes in the God determined to punish 3/4 of humanity with fire, separation, or elimination for all eternity doesn’t have a true faith; I’m just saying that I have rejected that God and Tim has not.

        Sorry that my comment caused such alarm and distress! I guess “short but sweet” doesn’t apply to theological issues. 😉


        1. Sorry I did presume way too quick! A lack of utter grace on my part, please forgive me on that. It appears I deal with too many ivory tower theologians and I momentarily mistook you as one. As much as I’m a Calvinist, I agree that there are certainly deficiencies and strange implications therein.


          1. This is why I love you, J.S., and wasn’t in the least offended by your response to my comment! You are one of the most Grace-filled people I have met in the blogging community and certainly in the top 5 of Grace-filled Calvinists I’ve EVER “met” anywhere. Thanks for always listening to the responses I drop like bombs on your posts. Understand that if I didn’t feel “safe” on your blog, I would NEVER say anything controversial. That more than anything is a testimony to your ability to communicate God’s love to your readers.


  1. Oh that’s a good and powerful question J.S.! So many assume that we as Christians believe something about God that we don’t. As Christians we really first need an understanding of how others view the Jesus we believe in. This world has greatly warped His image for many.


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