Quote: Social Talk

“Don’t just talk, update your social media, preach from pulpits, or rant from soapboxes.

Love your neighbors. Be peacemakers. Seek justice. Engage the culture. Live out the Gospel.”

— Eugene Cho

3 thoughts on “Quote: Social Talk

  1. This challenges me! I love to write my thoughts out about faith and God on my corner of the internet… and I think it serves a purpose BUT the church of Acts wasn’t built using social media but by BEING social. I feel like, as a society and perhaps even as a church, being social is becoming increasingly difficult. We text, we use media – there are so many ways to communicate without actually talking, and loving, and if we stray too far from people, we become less human. Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Thank you. You have just put your finger on why I have been questioning as to whether to continue my blog! With that clarity i will now review the situation.


    2. Thanks for your thoughts! I personally think social media has tons of benefits. I’m regularly able to connect with my youth group and church members through Facebook and otherwise, and it also helps to see their needs and what I can pray for (whether they meant for that or not). Social media can certainly create a distance and shortcut some interaction, but it also has its place. Having said that: it can never replace rolling up our sleeves and doing the Kingdom work we’ve been called to.


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