Question: Self-Pity, Self-Loathing, and Low Self-Esteem

Two anonymous questions:

– Hello, thank you so much for this blog. It’s a great spiritual resource for my friends and me =). I am struggling w low-self esteem & self-pity right now. I feel that amongst my siblings & cousins, I’m the least intelligent, fun, & the plainest-looking. Nothing about me stands out, I’m just subpar or terrible at everything: school, controlling my weight, sports, etc. I know God loves me & that I should only care about what He thinks, but I’m still stuck on these thoughts. Help, please? TY!

– I know that this is disgusting, but I’m pretty desperate at this point. I’ve pretty much given up on any chances of a guy ever wanting to pursue me. First of all, I’m not even pretty and secondly I guess I have STDs that have no cure and a scar on my face. Who would ever want a girl like me? To be honest, I’m not seeing any kind of hope at all in my life for anything.

Hey dear friends: Please first know that you’re NOT alone in thinking this, and no matter how perfect someone’s life is going, they’re just as capable of feeling the same exact way.

While both of your questions are sort of different, I think they stem from the same idea that, I’m not good enough, I’m damaged goods, I’m not wanted, I’m undesirable.

I could easily tell you that God loves you and He handcrafted you with precision and loves you regardless of what you’ve done or who you are — and while I still think God’s love is an incredible truth, of course there are days when it falls flat.

So please allow me to first tell you the hard truth.

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