Question: Insecure Introverts Finding Confidence and Calling

Two anonymous questions:

– You’ve posted an incredible article about introverts, all of which pertains to me. However, with my insecurities combined with my introverted-ness results in a very quiet member of the church, which is considered bad. This makes me ashamed of being introverted, and even more insecure about being insecure. What’s the line between remaining who I am (an introvert) and developing myself into a passionate follower and advocate of Christ? How do I regain confidence in myself?

– I’m not the outgoing type of introvert and I struggle a lot with helping out the fellowship that I am in. I often feel inadequate and that I’m not contributing as much as I should. What’s a good way to get involved? Or what’s a good way to make use of being an introvert? Any advice would help!

Hello fellow introverts!  We have found each other. Yay and high five!

That was really out of character, but I couldn’t help myself.

Please allow me the grace to point to some previous posts —

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Here’s also an interesting article from USA Today about why introverts are better in the work force and how they’re being hired more now:

On the job: Introverts win in the end

Dear friends: there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert.  You are allowed to be methodical, reflective, deliberate, and most importantly, you.  We live in an extrovert-biased world, and while I totally love my extroverted friends, no one should ever twist your arm into their own preferences.

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