Love your pastor.

Tomorrow at church —

You might hear your pastor say something really weird. You might disagree with him. Everything might be fine until a certain phrase, a shrill statement, an awkward comment, an insensitive remark. Maybe his theology will be a little off and his interpretation is not how you would’ve done it. You’ll raise your eyebrow. It’s happened to me plenty, too.

But please, please, please don’t be too quick to write off your pastor.

Please don’t dismiss him so fast based on a single sentence.

Certainly we ought to be careful of heresy and I’m not pulling a pity-card: but pastors and leaders who preach and teach are in the hot seat all the time. They have a billion thoughts they’re trying to shape just right. They know when they’ve said something off and they beat themselves up for it the entire Sunday.

You can let him know: but with grace.

Your pastor needs the same grace we all want.

It’s okay to disagree with him too.

Just love your pastor. As messy as he is: he gets it right sometimes.

— J

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