Five Ways To Kickstart Your Faith Today



I’m not always a huge fan of to-do lists and techniques, but here are five quick things you can try to get out of that spiritual slump.

1) Take a walk, talk with God. 

It’s hard to pray even in our own homes because we’re so connected to everything.  Leave the phone inside and walk the neighborhood.  Talk with Him.  Tell Him about your day, what’s been on your mind, what’s bothering you.  Thank Him for the trees and the breeze and the sun.  It’ll be good times.


2) Sing praise as loud as possible.

Take a drive and put on your favorite praise songs.  It might take a while, but after a few songs you’ll end up singing all slobbery at the top of your lungs.  Let it happen.  If you have access to your church, get into your sanctuary and sing with the guitar, or just play a few songs through the speakers.  Sing to Him.


3) Read one of Paul’s letters.

It can be really tough to read Scripture because it gets so intimidating, but even if you don’t understand the biblical history or grammar or vocabulary, there will always be something you do understand.  Start with Philippians or Ephesians or Colossians.  If you want to read one of the gospel accounts, try John.  There will be some weird awkward verses you might have trouble with, but that’s okay.  There will be a lot you’ll encouraged by too.


4) Hang out with an older Christian.

Musicians become better when they hang out with better musicians.  Athletes get better when they’re near better athletes. And so Christians grow by soaking in with wise brothers and sisters in Christ.

I absolutely love hanging out with mature Christians, not simply because of what they can do, but because I’m so amazed by their stories and their struggles and how God is moving in their lives.  So many older Christians are just looking for younger ones to pour into, and maybe that’s you.  It’s okay if they’re seventy years old or they’re totally different than you.  Find a mentor, stay connected, listen and learn.


5) Create something. 

Whether it’s journaling or drawing or dancing or singing or serving, we’re all created to create.  As a pastor once told me: God made you uniquely you because He wanted to say something to the world that He couldn’t say through anyone else.  It’s part of our divine DNA to create as our Creator does, to spin a unique original work of art into existence.  And it doesn’t have to be for an audience.  The audience is always a bonus: but the art is between you and God.  He enjoys what you’re doing when you enjoy what you’re doing too.

— J.S.

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