In Your Church

In your church —

If no one really moved during praise today —

If no one really responded during the sermon today —

If everyone dispersed and went home quickly today —

If everything was slightly stilted, awkward, clumsy, full of technical difficulties and cranky glances and zero excitement today —

Don’t worry.

It’s just today. God is still God. He is still working.

Sometimes He just plants seeds. It’s not about the results today. And it was never about us anyway.

He is pleased, even with our sincere stumbles to praise Him.

Look forward to what is next, for He is there too.

— J

4 thoughts on “In Your Church

  1. Absolutely, it is always about God. Funny that we gather to worship and spend all the time looking at people and living our own opinion! A good thing our good God looks beyond our faults…


  2. When we make Jesus the centerpiece of worship (what a concept!) things get much simpler…there is only One to please. We can never make everyone who walks through the door happy all a the same time, but if Jesus is pleased, then we’ve done all that was necessary.



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