King, Creator, Most High

Remember: You are under a King who has called you to His own greatness.

You serve a Creator who made a universe that fits in His hand.

You are friends with the Most High.

And you’re loved by Him — not merely loved as a prized object, but loved towards an awesome destiny while you still have breath left on His earth.

Whatever you’re going through: He is bigger and He is closer.

— J

3 thoughts on “King, Creator, Most High

  1. It’s funny, another pastor I follow used the descriptor “Most High” in his post title today. I wondered if there was something special about All Saints Day inspiring you, but it doesn’t seem to be that.
    What’s delightful is how your short post and his quite lengthy one lead us to the same worshipful posture toward our Creator. Awe and wonder that He can even find us, mixed with pure delight that He loves us so immensely.


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