Question: How Do I Give My Testimony?

imagejoshuadylan asked:

Could you describe how you believe a testimony should be given?

Hey brother, I appreciate the awesome question. 

Let’s get a pen and paper out.  Here are twelve things to know for a proper testimony.


1) I’m just kidding.  There are no twelve ways for a proper testimony.

2) Read #1.

3) Why are you still reading these numbers. Stahp. Waht are you doing.

You know, this is just one of those things where if you’re honest, you are yourself, you tell the truth, and you have ZERO agenda, then you’ll be just fine.

No one expects a testimony to be a polished, sermon-esque, theology-filled manifesto.  A finely crafted testimony sounds like one of those artificial Midi files from an old Geocitites page.  You just want it to stop.

Whether you’re sharing in front of a huge crowd or you’re face to face with your best friend, don’t be pressured into “telling it right.” You just tell your story of your personal encounter with Jesus Christ.  Sort of like when you start dating and then people ask you, “How did you two meet?”  One day you were doing your own thing, and BAM, you met the one.  You fell in love, and Jesus changed everything.

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