Quote: Theology and You

The most important thing here is that if your friend is struggling, to NOT list the ‘Ten Reasons Why God Is Good.’ Don’t be the guy who carpet-bombs with cliches to rush along the process of healing. Too many preachers do this too quickly, pack up their little sermon notes, and hope that we can store this backpocket theology for a rainy day — when all the while, the hurting congregation just needs someone to be there.

Jesus did the same. He suffered what we suffer in solidarity with us. He was crushed not only to exchange our sins for joy, but also to heal our hearts with a peace beyond our circumstances. He reminds us in his resurrection that this world is not our final home. And we’re called to go at our friends with this kind of love, hope, patience, and wisdom — because your presence is really enough.

We are not short of reasonable theology for the goodness of God, but when it comes to the gritty ordeal of life — the best theology is you.

J.S. from this post