“I Got Wrecked”: Measuring Your Spiritual Life With Podcasts, Blogs, Conferences, and Bestsellers


It’s too easy to say “I got wrecked.”

I listened to Paul Washer or John Piper or Francis Chan, and I got so wrecked. We all read the same Christian books and get so convicted. We read those Christian blogs that are deadly serious and we feel “on fire”, and then we read those snarky satirical “I’m above church-culture” blogs and we feel like we’re above it all too.

We are the same hundred thousand people in America going to the same conferences with the same speakers and the same hit songs.  There’s a lot of hard-hitting wreckage going on here —

— but I quickly deceive myself.  I think that just because I did these things, I win Christian-Cool-Points.  No one would ever say it out loud — “I’m winning at this walking-with-Jesus thing!” — but we think that the act of absorbing Christian memorabilia is equivalent to true conviction and repentance. 

We can line up at Chick Fil A to protest something, and meanwhile the church hates poor people.  We have these abstract high-minded online fights about doctrine, which are probably important to someone, and meanwhile we sing praise songs just loud enough to drown out human trafficking and fatherless homes and Gospel-less urban communities. 

If you think that’s the “new legalism” or “Social Justice,” I’m really tired of finding excuses to back out of Kingdom-Healing.  I’m tired of Christians yelling “Don’t guilt-trip me” or “You’re a Pharisee” or making radical into a bad word.

Of course we can slip into legalism if we’re not careful.  I just hope you’re not paying off your conscience with more self-deception, because it’s way easier to get lukewarm than fire-hot.  It’s easy to say “I got wrecked” than to be actually be wrecked.

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A Faith That Breathes God

Hello beloved friends!

This is one of the sermons from Seattle that I was privileged to preach at a retreat.

It’s called: A Faith That Breathes God.

Download directly here or stream here

The Scripture is John 15:9-17, about a faith that truly sees God as a living person.  Some of the things I talk about are: That weird feeling when you wonder if the church is what God really had in mind, the only time I ever caught a football, the God who sneezes, and the dad you always wanted.

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Be blessed and love y’all!

— J