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It’s about feeling like a nobody in ministry. Check it here.

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7 thoughts on “Published at — The Nobody Pastor

  1. I often use the example of Philip leading a revival in the city. Yet God called him to meet one person in the desert. And that person founded the Coptic Church. Success is a human disease, not a God-given promise! Wonderful article.


    1. Yes, we never know how God will work through us …!
      That’s not to say that less numbers are better than more numbers, but that God can multiply anything even through one person, or a bunch of people could be even less effective than one.


  2. God measures success much differently than we do. Moses spent 40 years getting an Egyptian education and learning to rule with Pharaoh, then 40 years herding sheep in the desert. Talk about nowhere! God, however, called him to lead a couple million newly freed slaves out of Egypt. During that time of preparation, Moses learned to fully depend upon God and not himself. His humility of God dependence helped him lead the children of Israel out bondage. God is awesome in how he uses and prepares people. God dependence not people dependence is the key.


    1. Reminds me of a quote, “Moses spent 40 years thinking he was somebody; he spent 40 years learning he was a nobody; he spent 40 years finding out what God could do with a nobody.”


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