Validate Me

We are in this desperate race called “Validate Me” … We used to have someone telling us we were good-enough, that we’re loved, treasured, and prized. We had this 100% pure connection with God — but ever since sin we were disconnected from God because of our disobedience, and we now look for the feeling of “good-enough” in other people, or in what we do, our status, our position … We look for capital G-o-d in lowercase g-o-d.

The truth though is that we actually aren’t good enough because of that sin, our broken condition. But God, even after our disobedience, came for the not-good-enough. Mark 2 says that Jesus didn’t come for those who think they’re righteous, but those who confess they’re sinners. He didn’t come for the healthy, but the sick. Jesus came to absorb all our un-good on the cross, and he embraces you exactly as you are. So even though everyone else might reject you, Jesus doesn’t make you meet a standard. He is going where you are. He’s got you.

— J.S. from this message