Question: So About Cussing

Anonymous asked:

What’s your take on cussing Pastor J? Thanks.


Here’s what I know about cussing.

1) There are much worse words (and combinations of words) than cuss words.

2) If you don’t claim the name of Christ, it’s totally okay if you cuss.  I also know many wonderful Christians who cuss quite frequently, and I’m totally okay with that.  I cuss sometimes too.

3) But there are also too many Christians who cuss because they’re trying to say, “I’m one of those cool Christians and not one of those uptight ones.”

4) In my experience, people usually cuss when they’re hostile, angry, petulant, vulgar, gossiping, insecure, throwing a tantrum, or lusting. After all, these words were designed to cut somehow. Sometimes people cuss when they’re happy, but not usually. I suppose that says something about motives and the human heart.

5) Cussing can be pretty funny sometimes, but it’s also kind of ugly too. It gets distracting, especially in movies and books and from the guy next to you at Olive Garden. And not to be a judgmental jerk, but I tend to cringe when a girl cusses. I hate to be like that, but it’s tough.

6) I propose that cussing is actually someone’s default mode of speech, whether it’s actual cuss words or vulgarity. To not cuss takes discipline. When someone uses foul language every other word, I occasionally assume this person lacks discipline. Call me prude, but I think we’re all thinking that.

7) Most people who feel like “I can say what I want” still don’t cuss around kids or women or at job interviews and weddings. I probably sound old-fashioned, so take what you will from that.

8) I know that curse words are supposed to add “flavor” and emphasis to language, and certainly we have the freedom to speak how we want.  But there are so many other beautiful words to express how you really feel. It’s cool if you cuss around me, but I really do think you’re more creative than that.


— J.S.

4 thoughts on “Question: So About Cussing

    1. I heard the same! In artsy circles, they say “in lieu of creativity, sex or vulgarity will sell.” Sometimes for a lack of being creative, people resort to the lowest common denominator, which can be funny in itself but is always the cheaper way to go.


  1. I’ve always thought that cussing is the ‘easy, short cut’ method to trying to get one’s point across. I used to cuss like a sailor even after I became a Christian. But one day I had a (God sponsored) eye-opening experience with it. A dear old guy from the 12 Step program I attend told us he could no longer attend this meeting because he just couldn’t take all the cussing going on. We all loved him dearly so we all stopped cussing at that meeting so he could come back. After that experience, I instantly learned the pain cussing could do to sensitive ears. Love is a powerful motivator, don’t you think?


    1. That’s a cool story 🙂
      Again I want to be balanced in that if someone curses, I don’t really bother them about it — but you’re definitely right that if it DOES bother someone, it’s our concern too. Very lovely that you cared so much to quit …!


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