Quote: Humbled Himself

“Jesus was ‘in very nature God.’ He was at the top of the organizational chart of the universe. But he did not consider this to be ‘grounds for grasping’; he gave up the right to have things his own way and became a servant. But even angels are servants, so he went lower: he became a human being. He took on flesh and blood, all our needs and limitations. This is the beauty of the incarnation — God coming down. But even on a human level, some people live as kings and celebrities, so Jesus took another demotion: he ‘humbled himself’ and was born in a stable as the peasant son of a penniless couple. But even that was not low enough. He kept going down by becoming ‘obedient to death.’ His ultimate task wasn’t some glorious achievement. There was nothing glamorous about death. But his demotion didn’t stop there. He went one rung lower: ‘even death on a cross.’”

— John Ortberg

5 thoughts on “Quote: Humbled Himself

  1. Ortberg’s books are among my favorites. I especially liked, If You Want to Walk on Water You have to Get Out of the Boat.

    We’ve subscribed to your podcast, by the way, and are really enjoying your messages. We listened to you while we traveled in the car during our vacation last weekend. Thanks for providing these podcasts!



    1. Thank you so much for subscribing! Very awesome. I can’t imagine my voice in a family’s car for so long!
      And I do love Ortberg. Some call him a bit “soft” or something on doctrine, but I think he’s pretty much spot on in describing our human condition.


      1. Jesus said He makes me lie down in green pastureS. Not just one – but obviously more than one. I’m a “grazer” – so I get a balanced diet. I also listen to Louie Gigglio, Levi Lusko (must hear!), and Steve Berger from Grace Chapel in Lieper’s Fort, in addition to my own pastor. Jesus keeps me well-fed!



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