The Qualification of the Non-Qualified

What I love about God is that He picks weird, awkward, empty, broken vessels like you and me to flex his crazy glorious Kingdom. No one else does this.

When others write you off, He writes you in.

Not because we are awesome, but He is.

It’s an amazing thing to witness God-powered purpose light up someone’s eyes as they’re brought from death to life. There’s nothing else like seeing the hollow shelled-out eyes of a self-loathing loser suddenly get a new license for glory. It takes no talent, no money, no status, no qualifications — but only the explosive interrupting grace of God, infusing veins with renewal.

One testimony is just as great as another — he kicked heroin and quit racing cops and stopped stealing purses and went to seminary, or she grew up in church her whole life and finally caught grace. Both are moving. Both are resurrection. Both tell His story.

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