The Impossible Love of God Meets Our Impossible Climb of Faith

Hello beloved friends!

This is the second part of a series called “Faith Struggle: The Messy Uphill Climb of Faith.”

The message is titled: The Impossible Love of God Meets Our Impossible Climb of Faith

It’s about moving forward in our Christian walk by grace instead of guilt.

Stream here or download directly here!  Save it for a car ride or work-out, or listen before you sleep.


The Scripture is Hosea 1-3.  Some things I talk about are: What church service looks like to an atheist outsider, manipulative preacher tactics and guilt-trips, the prophet Hosea as a Korean Drama, and how my first pastor uppercut my stubborn heart with grace.

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Be blessed and love y’all!

— J

5 thoughts on “The Impossible Love of God Meets Our Impossible Climb of Faith

        1. At the end of the sermon, I read a journal/blog entry to summarize the message. I think it encapsulates everything!

          Grace is both our rest and resolve. It’s our safe haven and our motivation.
          Grace restores our broken places while also confronting our sin head-on.
          Grace meets us in our pain but also revokes our pride.
          Grace is the unchanging love that changes us; it disturbs our ego and selfishness and complacency; it is the limitless love that provokes us into the same love. This way takes longer, but its roots grow deeper.
          It is harder to preach and to learn, but its proclamation is what truly transforms.

          I meet Christians who are super-glossy, picture-perfect, law-abiding people, but they are absolutely miserable and difficult to be near. Their every movement is dictated by a strict rigid ruleset that is motivated by a desperate fear. If your efforts are not driven by grace — that God absolutely loves you no matter what — then you will punish yourself towards an invisible standard that looks like success but feels like slavery. Such a standard might work for a little while to conform your behavior, but it will never become a part of you: it’s just an apparatus that imprisons you. Only grace can truly be internalized to melt your heart, and though it can take longer, a truly tenderized heart follows God with all joy and perseverance. This is motivation by grace and grace alone.


          1. Yeah! God’s love has to work on you, bring you to (new) life from the inside out. Trying to fix the dead body, however hard you try, never did work. Thanks brother!


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