Have Some Grace for the Corny Christian Guy


We all know the middle-aged dude in church who is really soft-whispery on the microphone and makes you wish you didn’t bring your friends, and he loves all the kitschy Christianese catchphrases like “Let Jesus into your heart of hearts” and other sprinkled sugar cliches. 

But hey: please have grace for this guy.

He might be a little cornball, but I think he really does love Jesus.  We need guys like him.

We could all stand to have some of that unjaded, invigorated energy on a Sunday. 

We could stand some of that soft gooey goodness to round out the kick drum and the loud preacher.

We could stand to be a little more positive.

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The Impossible Love of God Meets Our Impossible Climb of Faith

Hello beloved friends!

This is the second part of a series called “Faith Struggle: The Messy Uphill Climb of Faith.”

The message is titled: The Impossible Love of God Meets Our Impossible Climb of Faith

It’s about moving forward in our Christian walk by grace instead of guilt.

Stream here or download directly here!  Save it for a car ride or work-out, or listen before you sleep.


The Scripture is Hosea 1-3.  Some things I talk about are: What church service looks like to an atheist outsider, manipulative preacher tactics and guilt-trips, the prophet Hosea as a Korean Drama, and how my first pastor uppercut my stubborn heart with grace.

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Be blessed and love y’all!

— J