Quote: Papa Daddy

When the disciples ask, “How do we pray?” Jesus says, “Pray like this: Dad.” … Muslims don’t use that word. Pantheists, pluralists, polytheists don’t use that word “Dad.” That’s a radical word. My seven year old daughter, she’ll just come sit on my lap. She’s very affectionate, she’ll kiss me on the cheek. “Hey papa daddy, can we go for a walk?” She holds my hand, she wants to go for a walk. So when I get silence and solitude with the Father, maybe His heart feels a little bit like when I go for a walk with one of my kids. My son who is nine comes up to me and says, “Hey dad, something happened at school today. Can I talk to you about it?” I wonder if this is what God feels like when I pray to Him. My son who’s just turned twelve, he’s real smart, he’s got a real complex question, something he’s trying to untie the knot to, he comes to talk to me. I wonder if this is what the Father feels like when I pick up His Word trying to hear His voice.

People are drawn to God in a way they’re not drawn to religion. You’re talking about a Father who loves His kids, who enjoys His kids, who pursues His kids, has compassion on His kids, forgives His kids, and gives gifts to His kids. Tell me more about that dad.

— Mark Driscoll

4 thoughts on “Quote: Papa Daddy

  1. Outstanding post. You get at the core difference of Christianity and all of the other world religions. For me it is still an amazing and humbling experience when I look at a sunset or the beautiful night sky and hold my child in my arms and realize that the Divine Mind that created such a lovely and beautiful universe wants to have the same type of relationship with me that I want to have with my child.

    W. Ockham


    1. Yes! It’s one of my favorite quotes by Driscoll. I believe it’s the strongest image God has given us of Himself, along with so many other great images.


  2. When I knew Him as “God,” He was terrifying and impossible to please. Once He began to break through what I “knew” about Him and renew my mind, I discovered Him as Papa…a genuinely loving Father who adores His children. What a difference in our relationship as a result of His patient attention!



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