Quote: An Honest One

I hear a lot of people saying, “I don’t feel God anymore.” And there’s a lot of guilt there, like they’re not trying hard enough.

But “not-feeling-God” doesn’t make you a bad Christian: just an honest one. And maybe our baseline for “feeling-Him” got messed up with a false foundation.

Maybe when Life Got Hard, no one taught you a clear theology on pain. Maybe no one mentioned that seasons of doubt, suffering, and detachment are regular valleys in a believer’s life.

Those are also the EXACT times we go to God and tell Him everything. To even say, “I don’t feel you right now, God.” You can tell Him that.

Most of us think we’ve failed God when we don’t feel Him, when it’s actually that feeling of His absence that can either push you to Him or from Him. He’d much rather it be to Him.

— J.S.

One thought on “Quote: An Honest One

  1. I like this very much because this last year has been a series of times when I don’t “feel” God. From time to time, though, I stop and remind myself that I am deeply loved by my Father. On occasion, I’ll recall some of the amazing ways He’s made His presence known to me in the past. Mostly, I’m walking by faith right now…and it’s all good!



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