Quote: Much To Offer

Dear friend, if you’re the self-doubting sort of insecure person: God loves you, I love you, and anyone else who matters seriously loves you. You do have much to offer to the world, and it doesn’t even matter what you do: we appreciate you simply for who you are.

As a great pastor I know once said: God made you uniquely you because He wanted to say something to the world that He couldn’t say through anyone else.

The thing is, there will always be people who won’t dig your style. It’s impossible to please everyone, and that’s okay: you don’t have to impress anyone, including yourself. You’re free to lose because God has already won. You’re free to be awkward because anything else wouldn’t fit you. You’re free to fail because the world’s idea of success doesn’t even compare to the security found in God.

— J.S.

6 thoughts on “Quote: Much To Offer

  1. How wonderful! I wish these words could be filtered into a fluid and injected as a vaccine for so many people who waste life and love addicted to self-condemnation.


  2. Wow JS!!! When I read this it felt like you were talking directly to me. I suffer greatly from low self-worth and low self-confidence. I know we ‘should’ [?] be thinking about God-worth and Jesus-confidence, but my self-centered shame gets so much in the way.

    love you. love your blog. read it all the time – with relish.


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