Question: No One Will Put Up With My Struggle

Anonymous asked:

I’ve read your previous posts about dealing with depression, in which you’ve mentioned that a healthy support network is key to learning how to cope with these struggles. But what if your struggles are pushing your friends away, and if they’ve explicitly told you’re too much to handle? No one wants to be be around such constant negativity, or put up with hours of rants, problems and despair. I’ve stopped answering calls from other people because I don’t want to lose anyone else or be a burden.


Dear friend,

Please know that the grace of God is limitless, Jesus welcomes our craziness, and your church is there to serve you and to fight this fight together. 

You should never ever have to feel like you’re weighing down someone else, because that’s one of the devil’s tricks in keeping you isolated from others when there are eager people who want to struggle with you.  It’s the Christian’s privilege to hear you rant, whine, complain, and be real.  If someone has told you that you’re “too much,” that says more about them than you. 

But please also know: Your struggle is not the only thing that defines you and you are more than what you’re going through.

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