Quote: Gospel Motives

If you know what He has done at infinite cost to himself—He’s put you into a relationship so that you’ll never be rejected by Him—then your motivation when you sin is to go get Him. You want fellowship with Him. When the thing that most assures you is the thing that most convicts you, you’ll be okay because when you’re convicted of sin in a gospel way it drives you toward God.

Without the gospel we hate ourselves instead of our sin. Without the gospel we’re motivated through all sorts of awful fear and pride to change and it doesn’t really change our hearts; it just restrains our hearts.

— Timothy Keller

The Relentless, Reckless, Furious Glory of God

Hello awesome friends!

This is a message I had the privilege to preach at one of my favorite churches ever. They’re a wonderfully joyful and responsive congregation.

The sermon is titled: The Relentless, Reckless, Furious Glory of God.

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In this message, I talk about the Glory of God, what it means it glorify Him, and how.  The passage is John 3:25-30.

Some of the things I talk about are: The guy who always kills the joke, that time in sixth grade I told the prettiest girl in school that I liked her, and that moment Jesus comes back with a sword out his face and his head on fire. Plus a spoken word performance.

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Love y’all!

— J

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