The Sloppy Truth of Discipleship

Hello beloved friends!

This is the second sermon I preached at a wonderful church in Huntsville, Alabama (the first sermon is here).

It’s titled, The Sloppy Truth of Discipleship.

Stream here or download directly here!


In this message, I talk about the joyful mess of making disciples and the difficulties of the Great Commission.

Some of the things I talk about are: When Jesus uppercuts drug addicts, the hyper-spiritual attitude in the awkward Bible study, and what separates the church from every other place in the world.

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Love y’all!

— J

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One thought on “The Sloppy Truth of Discipleship

  1. I usually feel led to add to the conversation but I just enjoyed and was encouraged by your sharing. I’m currently free if addiction but agree it not only is a lifelong battle but have learned not to whine about that but carry to battle to the enemies territory, finding a counter attack to be my best defense. If he is going to cause me so much pain, by God’s grace I’ll attack the gates of hell and they will not stand! There I go again adding. Thanks for a place to add to the conversation.


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