Drive-By Witness

Occasionally someone will take me out to lunch and really take an interest in the drama that I’m going through. They nod, listen, show support, encourage, and even pray.

But then I never hear from them again.

That’s when I realize —

1) They were just curious about the latest gossip in town, 2) they feel like hanging out once is their good-enough deed for the day, or 3) they did it to impress me and puff up their ego.


It’s a bit heartbreaking because —

1) They were really good at acting like they cared, 2) I was excited to have someone who could walk through my struggle, and 3) it’s so hard to find trustworthy friends these days.

Of course I’ll continue to open up to people.  It won’t stop me and I’m okay with taking the chance. 

But please don’t be a drive-by witness. People are not hotel rooms: you can’t just check in and check out.  If you’re going to be there, then be there.  And really care.

— J.S.

Quote: The Tension

Here’s the tension: God is too holy to let sin go unpaid, but He loves us too much to let us pay for it.

Both are true, perfectly balanced, and will meet us where we are broken. If you are a prideful person, the Gospel revokes your self-glory. If you are a self-condemner, the Gospel makes much of Jesus through you. If you’re the guy who hurts people, Jesus will jackslap you. If you’ve been hurt, Jesus heals the brokenness. If you cause consequences, God will take up vengeance; if you’re living through consequences, God will carry you. Both sides will inevitably happen over the course of life, but that’s why the Gospel is for everyone.

— J.S.