If Words Were Wounds

If words were wounds

and you could see flesh tearing —

would we still speak the same way

or find new ways to destroy ..?

If words were healing

and you could see wounds sealing —

would we still speak the same way

or withhold words to destroy ..?

But this is what it is, every day.

Words rip, words mend —

deeper than flesh, more than metal.

Flesh is fragile,

but a soul, eternal.

Will we still speak the same way?

— J.S.

Originally from my Tumblr here.

Quote: To Love Means

To love means you die. It’s a sacrifice and it always costs your life. But there was one who loved, died, and conquered death, so that we could love endlessly. The same spirit that raised him from death lives in those who love him — and from such an infinite wellspring we have a miraculous love that conquers all things, including ourselves.

— J.S.