Question: Favorite Sermons?

imageonewithchrist asked:

What are your top 5 favorite sermons?

So I’m totally not about evaluating sermons in such a way that makes me an elitist wine-taster, as if sermons are the same as sitting down in a theater with oily popcorn waiting to be entertained. Though to be fair, a lot of preachers are moving their Sunday services in that direction.

But I do have some favorite sermons, so here you go.

1st disclaimer: I am a young-ish dude, so please don’t expect me to sound smarter than I am by naming a sermon from the 1800s or the first church at Corinth. 

2nd disclaimer: Also, please listen with both discernment and grace.  I don’t always agree with everything a pastor says and neither should you, but that doesn’t mean you entirely dismiss a pastor based on a few words.  I know how hard it is to write a sermon and to try to get every point just right: so please be kind about that. And while I’m at it, please allow me to shamelessly plug my podcast here.

5) Getting To The Bottom of Your Joy — John Piper

Anything by John Piper is pretty great, but his sermon at Passion 2011 (especially the second one in Ft. Worth) was incredible.  He also recently preached a sermon about God’s Holiness at a women’s conference which will wreck you.

4) Indescribable — Louie Giglio

I know, some people think Pastor Louie is “soft” or something.  But that’s because we naturally hate grace, and Louie Giglio is all grace.  This is his famous galaxy-stars-universe sermon that will blow your mind.

3) Getting Out — Timothy Keller

Tim Keller is always crazy good and this one is probably his best.  He gives a non-typical nuanced sermon on the struggle with sin, showing how our battle is a layered journey.  This is also a fascinating “preaching clinic” on how to preach directly from the Bible while remaining exciting.

2) Lukewarm and Loving It — Francis Chan

And so a random Chinese guy got up to preach one Sunday and demolished every single thing we know about American church.  Even though Pastor Francis occasionally uses some guilt tactics, he also lets us know he’s struggling just as much as we are: and his real humility is what makes him an awesome preacher.  He is also hilarious and has by far the best illustrations.

1) The Weight of Glory — C.S. Lewis

This is a series of sermon manuscripts that C.S. Lewis preached in his lifetime, and they are just as relevant today as they ever were.  He’s not what you’d call an “expository” preacher and he doesn’t care to be: he takes a simple human issue and unleashes the Christian faith on it with wit, candor, and undeniable persuasion.  

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3 thoughts on “Question: Favorite Sermons?

  1. Weight of Glory is my single favorite piece of writing. Thanks for sharing this list, listening to Francis Chan as I type and looking forward to the others and to reading your blog, keep it going.


    1. I tend to read fast, but I went very slowly through Weight of Glory. It’s just so rich.
      And if you haven’t yet, also look up Francis Chan’s “The Thrill of Obedience.” His message from Passion 2013 is also very convicting.


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