Quote: The Other Person

Be patient. Not all of us understand what you’re saying when you think you’re helping. Start from zero and walk us through what you mean. You might see the solution very clearly, but that probably took you years of sweat and blood; no one can get that in a single sitdown setting. Be gracious; be gentle; become the other person.

— J.S.

4 thoughts on “Quote: The Other Person

  1. Hi J.S.
    I’m a sober alcoholic [33 years sober] who tries to work with other people trying to get sober too. I loved this quote. I’ve worked on my sobriety for 33 years and they are totally new to it. I need to remember this more when I talk to them. I need to take things slower, so they can grasp the ideas more concretely.


  2. This is so true and I believe God works this way, too. In fact I was just saying to someone the other day how if God were to give us all the “truth” (read: life lessons) of our life at one time, our head’s would probably explode!


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