Quote: Heart Alive

I keep waiting for the rest of my life to start like it’ll start when I get there, but I’m learning it begins here, right now, in the moment, every moment.
I keep hoping in some future better-version of me that compensates for today, but I’m learning that this me is okay today and I’m already better than yesterday.
I’m tempted to look to some grand stage where I’ve finally made it to the big time, but I’m learning to engage in the task at hand, to be fully present no matter how small it looks, to be hands-on with what’s in front of me — for it’s no small task to be invested with my whole heart, to be alive now.

— J.S.

Quote: If Your Friend

If your friend is passionate about something, then it’s important to you too: because this is important to your friend. You don’t have to get it, but don’t be the one who rags on it. Why would you even do that? Why strangle a voice? Why dampen passion when there is so little of it in the world? Rejoice with those rejoice, mourn with those who mourn, and maybe you should join your friend on that adventure.

— originally posted here on my Tumblr