Birthday Campaign to Fight Human Trafficking

Birthday Campaign to Fight Human Trafficking

Last year I donated half my salary ($10,000) to fight human trafficking.

Today, March 7th, is my birthday.  Instead of gifts, I’m asking that you consider donating with me to fight for this cause together ..!

You can donate here to my campaign (scroll to the middle of the page), and all proceeds go directly to fighting human trafficking and sex slavery. 

Please consider giving $5, 10, 25, or any amount you’d like!


Here’s what your contribution can do:

  • $50 provides one month of education/vocation training for one rescued girl (age ranged from middle school/highschool)
  • $37.50 provides one month of Health + Hygiene (Medication, toiletries, medical visits, water) for a rescued girl 
  • $250 covers the cost of 6 days of aftercare for a trafficked victim
  • $500 covers the cost of 7 days of legal advocacy

Thanks for considering.  Love y’all!

— J.S

Grace: To Rest, To Fight


We are in constant battle,
and grace is just as much our haven of rest as it is our resolve to fight.

Grace cheers for you, roots for you, and receives you again and again:
with a direction and momentum that says you’re better than this.

Grace will confront the sin like a surgeon’s tool and work through it to the messy end.

Grace does not excuse nor absolve sin,
but acknowledges the reality of our great desperate need as sinners. 
It’s not merely comfort, but healing.

Grace is a cross, a substitution, an atonement, a victory over the grave —
a handful of gritty truths wrapped in flesh that breathed the air and dirt of this earth.

It’s a beautiful, wonderful, furious, unchanging, heart-stopping love
that cannot be shaken no matter what.

Jesus: he is our rest, our fight.


— J.S.

Quote: Famous For

Christians: Love people. That’s our prime directive. Love people with names, faces, problems and needs. Love them so much that your funeral is gonna break their heart like nothing ever has. If you want to be famous or remembered for something, make it this. Be famous for love.

— Lee Younger