Never Over

Maybe you totally blew it today.
That Sunday sermon about peace and patience and purity totally convicted you, and you swore to God for the fiftieth time that you’d re-double your grit and fortitude.
But you messed it up. You lost it in traffic, went off on your family, went on that website again.
You thought, “I’m a fake, phony, fraud. Who am I fooling? I know how I really am, and that can’t change”
—except that’s life. We don’t get it right every time. You’re human, you fail, and that’s why Jesus came to die for you.

So you had a good run and then fell flat on your face:
but by faith we are no longer under condemnation, we are being re-created in the image of our God, His mercies are new every morning, and He who began a good work in you will carry it unto completion. The outer flesh is perishing but the inner-you is being renewed day by day: and you are not where you could be, but you are not where you once were.
Through all of it, God won’t change on you: and that’s how you will. Press into Him on that, and He is gracious for another opportunity to give over the glory, however imperfectly.
Get up, go again. Make it right where you can; learn from where you can’t, and trust Him for tomorrow.
The story ain’t over.

— J.S.

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