Twists, Turns, Loss, and Burns

Life is full of messy left turns, sour disappointments, twists into hell, sudden violent shifts — a messy gritty jagged journey we would never write for ourselves.
You’ll want to spiral into numbness.
To retaliate, alleviate, hesitate, to shake a tiny fist at God.
But this is life. A story of left turns and loss.
You’ll want to withdraw from the worst of it: but looking back, your tapestry will be full of color, heat, wild with rain.
So let hurt hurt. Let the twists burn. Let highs be highs and lows be lows. Do not refuse the sun nor the moon.
Pain is redeemed in the end: for God must finish the sentence.
The one who lives will highlight their greatest joy with their deepest sorrow. Making music, carving a story, making life.

— J.S. Park