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You are discovering how hard it can actually be to follow God in a distracting world, and no one is blaming you for that. Don’t let a couple tough attempts shut you down. The evangelical church has been really good at making the Christian life a “one-time one-chance one-shot or-it’s-over” sort of thing. But the Bible most paints the Christian life as a walk, taking steps, to ask God for daily bread. And God has more than enough grace to build you forward.

— J.S. Park

Gospel Reminders: Heart Transplant

The Christian knows that Jesus died on the cross in our place, beat up death, and gave us a great mission.  But how does the Gospel fit into our everyday lives?


The very second you believe the Gospel truth, you have a brand new heart in Christ.  This is now who you are because of what he’s done. 

That’s the True Self — but it doesn’t always feel this way. 

When Jesus made Peter the head disciple, Peter’s original name was Simon.  The word Peter was a nickname which meant “rock.” 

Jesus was telling him: Simon is dead.  You are now a rock.  You might not feel like it today, but this is who you are because of who I am and what I’m about to do.  I’m inviting you into the True Story of Your Life — that you can’t do this yourself, and that’s why I’m going to the cross to do it for you.

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B90X – 90 Day Bible Challenge



I started the 90 Day Bible Challenge, also called B90X, about two weeks ago.  I’ve actually done it once before and it was awesome: you can definitely see the huge narrative scope of the Bible.

If you want to try the B90X, click here to download from Dropbox!

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— J