What is a Christian supposed to look like?

I know a few Christian dudes — several of them pastors — who regularly smoke cigars and drink beer and wine.  Does this bother you?  Because they’re some of the best Christians I know.

Some are into metalcore, wear huge lip rings and gauged earrings, have tattoos like a second skin, and spike their hair into stilettos.  Some curse like crazy, don’t pray before their meals, love MMA, read Cracked.com, and watch Key and Peele. 

Some read horoscopes, watch The Daily Show, watch rated R movies, despise Chris Tomlin, can’t stand Christian books, and could care less about your politics.  Some, at times, even doubt the existence of God.

Does this mean they’re not Christian?

Is a Christian supposed to be nicer? Gentler?  Well mannered?  More polite?  Happier?  Holier?  Rich and successful?  Full of doctrine?  Republican?  American?  Calvinist?  Going to seminary?  On the praise team?  A regular tither?  Anti-something?  Pro-whatever?

All of those are totally fine of course — but they do NOT define a believer’s faith.

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