Quote: Horizon

“If God is infinite and we are finite beings, then encountering God is not some arbitrary standard or goal line and then you’re done. God is more like the horizon. What happens when you reach for the horizon? It keeps getting away from you. So reaching God in your life will always be to some extent an insurmountable process. Even in Heaven we will not fully, finally get there. On the way to that horizon, it’s going to be difficult — it’s a jagged, ragged, uphill climb, and God has grace for that. God had grace for the Israelites in the wilderness, God has grace for you today. And I know that it’s hard, but reaching for that horizon of God is the most awesome journey you could possibly ever be on. And I believe that when Jesus is center, when you have that intimacy with him, then from him is where the wellspring of all life flows.”

— from this message

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