The Top Twelve Posts of 2012

From porn to evolution to flirting to neo-feminism, here are the Top Twelve Posts on this blog for the year.

12) Question: Why I Don’t Give A Crap About Evolution (Or Creationism)
– This is such a hotly debated topic, but I’m not even sure why. Except people like to act up all crazy.

11) Six Things Preached Against In Church — And Why We Can All Just Relax
– From dating to evangelism to the pointless battle of “happiness vs. joy,” the modern church can be a little more nuanced in their discussion.

10) Four Obstacles To Break On The Way To A Breakthrough
– Preachers do a good job of describing the problem and consequences, but very rarely break down how to overcome them. Here are the spiritual roadblocks to overcoming.

9) Mega-Post: Female Pastors, Neo-Feminism, and The Scary Words Submission, Quiet, and Penis
– The Bible has something (good) to say about women, but people have twisted that up beyond comprehension. Let’s get to the bottom of that one.

8) No, I Did Not Hear From God Today (And That’s Really Okay)
– For long uncomfortable periods of time, we don’t hear from God: but most people pretend they do. Time to jump out of that closet.

7) The Psychological Propensity To Accept Jesus: Tricking People Into Salvation
– When we talk about Jesus with people, we sometimes don’t even believe him ourselves: so it feels like we’re tricking people somehow. Let’s deal with that nagging suspicion.

6) I’m Giving Half My Life Away
– My journey to giving away $10,000, half my income this year.

5) Making Fun Of Women To Flirt With Them: Because You Think It’s Cute When It’s Just Disrespect
– Sometimes being mean to a girl is just being a freaking jerk.

4) I Want To Read My Bible — But How?
– Instead of guilt-tripping yourself, here are some practical methods to get in that Word.
Also check out this awesome podcast, Episode 4, where the coolest dudes ever answer this one.

3) 14 Ways To Handle A Christian Introvert
– The church tends to be biased for extroverts and against introverts. But us introverts are not necessarily antisocial, moody, and cold: we’re a whole different kind of people.
This also went sort of viral on my Tumblr.

2) Porn Addiction, Part Two: What Porn Does To Your Brain, the Science
– In this multi-part series about how I got over my fifteen-year porn addiction, this post always get hit the most.
Check out all the other posts on porn from this blog here.

1) Giving A Person More Attention Because They’re Attractive: And We All Do It
– Ever pray more for someone because they’re hot? It makes zero sense, but it’s our silly human nature.
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