Quote: Feel

“I feel things deeply. I don’t know how else to feel them. I cry reading the news. I laugh reading text messages. I get inspired by underdogs. I get angry for you more than you’re angry for yourself. It doesn’t mean I’m crazy. It just means I’m okay with being me. If you’re not okay with that, I’m okay with you not being okay with that, but it still won’t change how I feel things.”

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Question: Helping A Friend With Anxiety and Depression — What To Do and NOT Do

Anonymous asked:

Could you share some practical advice for the friends of those who are struggling with anxiety and depression? What should we do and what should we not do to best encourage our brother/sister during such dark seasons?

A great question, and thank you for caring to ask!  You’re already an awesome friend for it.  Thank you also for not diminishing the issue: anxiety and depression are very real, not just “in your head,” and can be completely debilitating.

Much of this will be common sense, but since I also struggle with depression, I have a bit of firsthand knowledge of being on the other side.

First, what NOT to do:

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Quote: Potential

Sometimes I see the potential in people, and it fills me with grief that they might never realize it because of mindless attachment to shallow things, an inexplicable cowardly comfort, excuses disguised as rational(ized) reasons, or a heart poisoned by contempt and resentment. You could really transform this broken down world, but it starts with you.