When To Speak

I absolutely believe we should be biting our tongue during such tragedy, and there’s way too much exploitative noise that’s only pushing forceful ideologies. I’m not above this.

Yet at some point, there is a time to speak up. There are issues to be addressed. Someone has to say something about how this could have been easily prevented.

Not every single voice here is politically or religiously motivated. Sometimes it’s just the obvious truth. Someone has to be the one to just say it: maybe not now or even days from now, but soon, with sincerity.

Maybe you see a threat behind every blog because it’s what you want to see, or you want to be the “rational” one who tries to look sane — when you really just have no backbone. Maybe you throw around accusations because this is all you know: and you have never sought a solution looking forward.

Just because someone approaches the issue right now does NOT mean they are diminishing the tragedy or belittling what has happened. Sure, some people might be doing that: and they’re jerks for it. But don’t throw everyone under that bus. If we don’t speak now, then when? Until the next one?

The moment calls for silence. There is also a moment to raise hell and fight for truth: with humility, patience, gentleness, love, and a sober mind, but we fight.

— J

Originally posted here on my Tumblr.