Quote: All The Way Home

“The problem with guilt is that it never cheers for you, roots for you, or moves you towards victory. Guilt did not prevent you from sinning the last time and it won’t stop you the next time.

We have a Creator who is actually rooting for us all the way home. Jesus is our brother, friend, Lord, Savior, and King — and he grieves with you, wants the best for you, and is totally in love with you. He is going to work with you on your struggle, your pain, your doubts, questions, and confusion, and when you most want to run back to guilt, he is ready to restore you by his constant steadfast love. This is who he is, and nothing you do can change that.”

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14 Ways To Handle A Christian Introvert


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If you ever met me, you would think I was an extrovert — I preach, I lead praise, I talk to everyone, I talk too much, and you can hear me laughing from across the street — but I am a full-blooded introvert.

If it were up to me, I’d rather be in my boxers all day eating Godiva while browsing food photo blogs and bothering my dog and cracking up at YouTube videos of Whose Line Is It Anyway and leaving dry ironic comments all over Facebook while reading the latest theory on how Sherlock survived the second season finale. 

I intensely guard my personal space and my private life.  It takes a herculean effort to step outside my comfort zone and interact with messy, fleshy, real live human beings.

Here’s how you handle us.

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