Quote: Unchanging Heart

Trust that even when you mess this up, you walk out from here and you just lose it on somebody, and right afterwards you feel that guilt — ‘The pastor just preached on that!’ — just remember: God still loves you, God understands your struggle, God accepts you exactly as you are, God has cast all your sins into the ocean of forgiveness, and He is still rooting for you. He loves you. And He’s going to keep loving you to a better place. It’s God’s unchanging heart that will change your heart. So if you mess up this whole thing, I’m just telling you: it’s okay. Recompose, regroup, don’t stay in that guilt. That’s where Satan would love you to stay. Just stand up and God’s going to keep saying, ‘Get up again, get up again, let’s do this again.’ God’s going to keep rooting for you, and He will never stop loving you.

— from this podcast

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