Donate to Philippines Red Cross to Help Typhoon Victims


There’s an estimated 400 lost lives and almost 200,000 stranded.

Please consider donating to the Philippine Red Cross, who are on the ground with hot meals and assisting in medical care and evacuation. 

I just donated.  You can do it easily through text message or Paypal.  If you use Paypal, please keep in mind the currency conversion.  So if you want to donate about USD $10, that’s 400 pesos.

And pray hard!

— J

Check the Philippines Red Cross Facebook page for updates.


Originally posted here on my Tumblr.


Quote: Never Alone

You are called to carry the cross, deny yourself, kill your flesh, lose your life, and leave behind the world: but you are never alone in this. The one who calls you to follow him is the very one who empowers you to follow. Grace will cost you your pride, greed, anger, lust, sorrow, and selfishness — and in turn you get endless joy, eternal life, intimacy with our Creator, and reckless freedom to love. It feels like sacrifice because we are used to our way, but you give up what you never needed anyway. It remains the Best Deal in the Universe.